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About us

What do we offer

Supervisely together with Rembrain provides AI consulting services in Computer Vision:

  • Building ML-ops, AI-ops, and Human-in-the-loop processes
  • Choosing a computation architecture for your tasks: Cloud, On-premise, Edge, TinyML, Mobile processors
  • Types of input data: 2D and 3D cameras, LiDARs
  • Choosing and training models of neural networks for your platform
  • Creating “turn-key” Computer Vision modules

Use Cases

Where we shine

Tasks, that we met in our experiences or brought to production:

Smart City

License plate recognition (LPR), traffic analysis, vehicle parameters estimation


Product label recognition, text recognition on containers and trains, package recognition, and identification


Product recognition and identification, price label recognition, customer tracking

Action recognition

Understanding and analysis of human behavior on video or images

Edge devices

Computer vision on edge devices and TinyML

Other cases

Biometrics, agriculture, diagnostics in medicine, and navigation in 3D

Our approach

How we operate


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We arrange a short 30-60 minutes call to define how to arrange works and what the next steps are


Solution development

Based on the input we design and implement AI solution including data preparation and model training, resulting in a PoC



Our engineers prepare the solution to fit your production infrastructure and help with deployment



We continue our support after integration to deliver non-stop enhancements by adding new features and updating models with new data

Team Background

Why us

Experienced team of engineers and data scientists with deep expertise in computer vision.



We have been consulting in the field of computer vision for over 14 years



During that period we helped to create more than 50 solutions.



We participated in the registration of more than 10 patents



There are 10 specialists in our team, including 2 PhDs

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