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Fully-managed turnkey annotation
with AI automation

Get accurate training data on scale with expert annotators and the leading labeling platform.

Human Intelligence

Fully managed team of well-trained annotators with dedicated project manager will provide you with high-quality training data.

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Best AI Platform

Manage and track annotation workflow at scale with our best-in-class labeling and training data management platform. Build neural networks and custom solutions within the single environment.

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Human expertise meets ai

How labeling with Supervisely is different than anywhere else

Computer vision has made a long way in the last five years. Datasets have grown exponentially larger and quality requirements are high as always. What do you need in 2024 to get your training data labeled? Sure, it's a team of highly trained annotators, managed by a dedicated project manager working with you in real-time. But efficient labeling of hours-length videos or image datasets with millions of objects needs something more.

Here in Supervisely we are happy to offer both fully managed team of expert annotators as well as platform customization services with AI that dramatically increase labeling performance and quality resulting in faster output at lower costs.

First factor: Human intelligence

Why annotation team matters

Fully managed

Every client is assigned a project manager. Relax and monitor labeling progress in Supervisely.


We enforce the highest security standards to ensure information confidentiality and security.


Every annotator is a highly trained professional with lots of experience to deliver ideal results.


We understand that your situation could change quickly and will scale team size depending on your needs.

Low cost

Our pricing model is flexible as we want to provide the most competitive price on the market.

Free demo

Project manager collaborate with you to understand the labeling requirements to provide a tailored solution.

Second factor: best platform

Why does it matter where labeling is done

Choosing us gets you not only get fully-managed top-performant annotation team with assigned success manager β€” you also get access to the best in class annotation platform on the market.

What does it mean to you?

With Supervisely

  • πŸ‘

    See labeling progress in real time with clean reports and visualisation
  • πŸ‘

    Leave feedback and track issues with built-in GitHub-like dashboard
  • πŸ‘

    Transparent price with detailed labeling statistics

Without Supervisely

  • πŸ‘Ž

    Black box until it's done with no direct access to the labeling
  • πŸ‘Ž

    Slow turnaround on issues with no problem-tracking dashboard
  • πŸ‘Ž

    Effortful data import and export with no API and cloud storages support

Explore platform in details

For every use case

With best-in-class tools we support every type of annotation.

Bounding Boxes


Semantic Segmentation




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Get accurate training data on scale with expert annotators, ML-assisted tools, dedicated project manager and the leading labeling platform.

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